I'm a freelance visual researcher and treatment layout designer based in London with an extensive knowledge of film, photography and design.


Prior to freelancing I worked at SMUGGLER for two years leading the visual research team.


Here's a few of the directors I've worked with:


Jaron Albertin, Michael Baldwin, Barry Bangs, Otto Bathurst, Brian Beletic, Adam Berg, Susanne Bier, Kathryn Bigelow, Michael Clowater, Sylvain Chomet, David Frankham, Guard Brothers, Jonathan Gurvit, Neil Harris, Christopher Hewitt, Tom Hooper, Miles Jay, Randy Krallman, Mark Molloy, Jamie Rafn, Henry-Alex Rubin, Guy Shelmerdine, StyleWar, Ben Tricklebank, Benji Weinstein, The Queen. 



Visual Researcher.

Treatment Designer


Taco Lover.



+44 7922 865 283